One of the most amazing things of activists is that we often expose ourselves deliberately to violence if we think it’s necessary. What is also amazing, is how little we know about the psychological effects of violence. We should be prepared and support each other when dealing with mental and emotional consequences of high-stress experiences.

One of the good practices in supporting each other, is to make use of a Support & Recovery Team (S&R team) during and after actions. On this website you can find information provided by an S&R team in the Netherlands. We offer information and support for individual activists and groups, and can host workshops and trainings concerning: mental and emotional reactions after high-stress events; recovery and resilience; de-stress exercises; sustainable activism; PTS(D) and burnout trainings. We also provide trainings and information for people who want to join or start a S&R Team.


Read more about supporting yourself and others while recovering from stressfull situations here.


We provide workshops for activist groups and on activist camps. You can find an overview of these workshops here.


You can download our flyers in Dutch or English, and use it for your activist group or coming action!

Recovery and Resilience

It’s important that we take good care of ourselves and each other: for ourselves, the people around us and the groups that we are part of. Check our tips to see which ones would suit you.


Luckily you don’t have to go through recovery alone. Besides the Support and Recovery Team, there are other groups and organisations who provide information. You can find them here.

Blog posts

Workshop at Anarchist Book Fair in Amsterdam

We will be at the 6th annual Anarchist Book Fair in Amsterdam! The Book Fair will take place on Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th of October 2022. You can attent our workshop on Saturday the 29th, at 12:00. The workshop will take approximately 1,5 hours. ✨ When? Saturday 29-10-2022, at 12:00 Where? Dokhuis,…

Flyer ‘Herstel en veerkracht’ na heftige ervaringen

Hoe om te gaan met psychische en emotionele reacties na (politie)geweld, repressie of andere heftige ervaringen Een van de meest verbazingwekkende dingen van activisten is dat we ons vaak bewust blootstellen aan geweld als we geloven dat dat noodzakelijk is. Wat daarbij soms even verbazingwekkend is, is hoe weinig we weten over de psychologische effecten…

Tips voor de eerste herstelperiode

Fundamenten Voedsel, slaap (e.d), medische hulp, veiligheid, ritme en routine zorg (weer) voor dagelijks ritme en routine zorg voor regelmatig, gezond en voldoende voedsel en slaap neem fysieke en mentale klachten serieus en zoek extra hulp als dat nodig is plaats jezelf in een veilige omgeving met mensen die je vertrouwt   Cognitieve ontwikkeling Probleemoplossend…

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