Support & Recovery

One of the most amazing things of activists is that we often expose ourselves deliberately to violence if we think it’s necessary. What is also amazing, is how little we know about the psychological effects of violence. We should be prepared and support each other when dealing with mental and emotional consequences of high-stress experiences.

One of the good practices in supporting each other, is to make use of a Support & Recovery Team during actions, alongside with a Legal Team and medics. The task of a S&R Team is to support activists who experience strong reactions after high-stress events. We provide info on reactions, give tips on recovery and resilience, offer de-stress exercises and we can also facilitate a post-action follow-up if needed.

On the website of the Support & Recovery Team you’ll find info on

  • mental and emotional reactions after high-stress events
  • tips for recovery and resilience
  • de-stress exercises
  • sustainable activism
  • PTS(D) and burnouts
  • trainings and workshops
  • contact details of the S&R Team